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Unleash your brand's potential with WEDO through unforgettable branding, packaging, and other digital design solutions that leave a lasting impression and set you apart in a competitive world.

About WE Do


WEDO Creative Solutions

WEDO Creative is a strategic creative agency based in Armenia. Our mission revolves around enriching products through cutting-edge design, providing our clients with audacious solutions that revolutionize their industries and captivate a worldwide audience. Covering a wide spectrum of services from branding design to packaging and web development, we provide a comprehensive package that sets you on the path to success. 



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About WE Do

Our Company Culture

  • WEDO is about freedom

    We are fueled by the passion to push the limits, challenge the norms, and craft visionary designs that leave a lasting impact.

  • WEDO is about distinctiveness

    Our mission is to break free from the mundane and create designs that stand out from the crowd.

  • WEDO is about art

    Our designs evoke emotions and arouse senses. That’s what art does. 

  • WEDO is about humans

    We work for humans, crafting designs that resonate with their hearts and minds.


  • WEDO is about unity

    We promote a collaborative atmosphere where every team member's voice is heard and respected.

  • WEDO is about ideas

    We believe that greatness lies beyond comfort zones, and by daring to do big things and generate such ideas, we empower ourselves and our clients to achieve remarkable success.

Our Team

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David Hovagimyan
Founder & Creative Director
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Sona Paytyan
Art Director
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Aram Avagyan
External manager
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Ani Stepanyan
UX/UI Designer
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Emma Yeghoyan
Web Developer
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Norayr Danielyan
Back-End Developer
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Sargis Ghazaryan
Graphic Designer
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Davit Petrosyan
Graphic Designer
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Avetiq Nersisyan
3D Artist


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Fearless before any challenge, we are not afraid to leave our comfort zone to find extraordinary ideas. We are deeply devoted to our work with a great passion for detail.

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